Saturday, July 11, 2009

Camp Straussundbloom Hike

Camp Straussundbloom enjoyed a day filled with history and exercise today... a walk from the home of the original Bloom home to the high school so the campers could get a sense of how far the everyday walk was for their mother and aunts. This activity was suggested by Camper Katie and all campers agreed on it.

Here's everyone at 227 Plumstead Ave in Lansdowne, PA.

Here's the campers and counselors at the High School

Humor levels of camper Maggie are high. Tired levels of camper Katie are high. What's going on with camper Kellie? I don't know.

Camper Maggie celebrates her mother's humble beginnings.


Next Week: Campers visit Virginia and Write Their Postcards!


  1. I live in Lansdowne and my name is Bertha. I knew Lynny! Say hi for Angela and me. Thank you.

  2. I live at *** Village Way North Blacksburg, VA. If you're near by please stop. I'm always home.